The Edinburgh Makars Awards

The club depends entirely on its members, and is fortunate in the talent and dedication shown by so many. In recognition of this The Edinburgh Makars Awards were instigated in 2020. Trophies carved in lime wood are presented annually at the AGM.

The Vital Spark Award
The ABCD Award
Vital Spark Award

This is presented for dramatic contribution to the Club’s activities.

2020      Awarded to Lucy Wilson, primarily for her performance as Rachel in the 2019 Fringe Show Perfect Wedding, which elicited great praise in the review of that show. 

2021      Not awarded, in view of the limited dramatic activities this year.

This is presented for general contributions to the Club, Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. 

2020      Awarded to Anthea Taylor, for her work as Secretary on behalf of the Club over many years, and her tireless contributions to every aspect of the Club’s events and undertakings. 

2021      Awarded to Martin Burnell, for his long-term commitment in so many roles, as an actor and director, in technical support for productions, as President and in other committee posts including IT Support Officer – particularly important over the last year.

ABCD Award